Stone alveoli

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad

12″x10″. Gouache, acrylic, pen, distress ink, wool, lace, threads, twine, paper and cloth on canvas.

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad is an Indian-Australian artist and poet, who serves as a chief editor for Authora Australis. Her recent artworks have been showcased in Otoliths, 3 AM Magazine, and The Amsterdam Quarterly, and on the covers of Ang(st) the body zine, Pithead Chapel, Uppagus, Periwinkle Literary, and The Rat’s Ass Review. She received two Best of the Net nominations for 2021.

the unexpected

bring down barriers

Teri Anderson creates work that looks into the idea of craft in art, textiles, installation and sculpture to create a linear or surreal environment which the audience have to inhabit. The work links to their heritage and how textiles were key in their family history including sample machinists and pattern cutters. Building on this, Teri proposes an art practise which incorporates a craft-based technique into the art-based discipline of installation. You can find Teri on Instagram, Facebook, and delve into Teri’s work on Teri’s website.

the unexpected

Reflective Roof

Mirrored roof with modern architecture in the background

Tucker Lieberman es el autor de Ten Past Noon: Focus and Fate at Forty, una reflexión sobre la literatura, la historia, género y raza. Su cuento de ficción está en STORGY. Su fotografía se ha estrenado en las portadas de Crack the Spine Ponder. Vive en Bogotá, Colombia. Twitter: @tuckerlieberman

Tucker Lieberman is the author of Ten Past Noon: Focus and Fate at Forty, a reflection on literature, history, gender, and race. His short fiction is in STORGY. His photography has appeared on the covers of Crack the Spine and Ponder. He lives in Bogotá, Colombia. Twitter: @tuckerlieberman

ephemeral environment

Scrolling Head

Aaron Travers, 2019, Oil on paper

Aaron Travers is an American artist.