the unexpected

The Unexpectable

Carmine Denis

watchman watchman during dawn

what have you seen that’ll make us frown? 



my sister

rocks started floating 

and a stray star went dull

and the milk plate went sour 


watchman watchman during the day 

what have you heard that’ll make us stay?


streetcars dance in noon’s shadow

and said shadow rejoices

but make no mistake

grab its hand and get poisoned 


watchman watchman during the night

have you smelled the latest blight? 


I smelled it first, o my sister

its heart of white, its bones of rot

it ate us whole like grains of salt

o my sister

your shawl is loose on the great walls 

what did you taste 

when death went live 

watchman watchman dusk has risen on the horizon 

leave the tower and carve some rest 

out of the night that crawls quickly 

feel its hot rain on your fresh corpse. 

– Haven’t you heard?

O my sister, ‘twas me traitor

who let it enter. 

Carmine Denis écrit de la poésie en français, anglais, et franglais. Vous pouvez retrouver son travail sur son Patreon :

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